Virus Control

Ensuring all endpoints are equipped with Antivirus (AV) software can be a difficult challenge for administrators. A network is only as strong as its weakest link and for AV software to be effective it must be installed, enabled, and updated with the latest virus definitions. Without the proper tools it can be nearly impossible to keep track of who is and isn’t in compliance on a network; costing companies time, money, and exposing them to an array of security risks.

The Virus Control solution of the Edge7200i platform does the leg work for you; providing you real time information on the AV status of all your endpoints. The Edge7200i ensures that endpoints are compliant with AV requirements and application policies before being allowed access to critical internal resources.

While administrators need to accurately assess compliant or non-compliant endpoints, users need a way to resolve any issues so that they may return to work as soon as possible. The Edge7200i can redirect non-compliant users to a remediated row to update their device. Once there they are guided through the self-sufficient steps and then given access. Clients can also chose to by-pass this step, in which case the Edge will log the device and allow access. This system provides the protection and functionality needed to balance security and business performance.

The Edge7200i’s virus control custom scanning engine can verify:

  • Antivirus Software Installed
  • Virus Definitions Up-To-Date
  • Real-Time Protection Enabled
  • OS and Service Pack Levels
  • Security Updates Installed
  • Firewall Installed & Running

The Edge Series can be used in many different scenarios depending on your needs. However, you can be confident of one thing - the Edge platform will provide you the comfort and control to ensure that the Network and Critical Resources remain Operational and Secure.