The Subscriber Management aspect of the EdgeWall® platform can be the brains and the security blanket behind your next Wi-Fi deployment — ensuring the privacy and security of both the user and the administrator. It is the operating standard for municipal, public-owned, and hotel Wi-Fi environments; combining provisioning, accounting, security, and manageability.

Its granular service permissions allow you to customize guest Wi-Fi access, giving you the most flexibility and control over your wireless service. You can isolate guest usage and data storage while providing a transparent VPN pass-thru for employee access. You can set bandwidth restrictions so your network isn’t bogged down by excessive traffic. You can create user sign-in models that require any amount of information you desire. EdgeWall® Series appliances also continuously monitor user and network statistics to detect and stop suspicious activity.

The EdgeWall® appliances seamlessly integrate with 3rd party access controllers, gateways (such as Cisco WLC), or a combination of access controllers. It can be configured in redundant or hot-standby mode, supporting automatic database and session information synchronization, failure detection, and automatic switching between active servers.

Subscriber management offers you these and many more abilities to create the most secure Wi-Fi deployment that fits all of your company’s needs: 

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Accounting (AAA)
  • Portal Management
  • Guest-only Internet Access
  • User Sign-up Models (paid, unpaid)
  • Service Monitoring
  • Critical Resource Protection
  • User and Network Statistics
  • Client Isolation
  • Guest data isolation
  • Transparent client VPN pass-thru
  • Bandwidth restrictions
  • Time of day control
  • Granular type of service permissions 

The EdgeWall® Series can be used in many different scenarios depending on your needs. However, you can be confident of one thing - the EdgeWall® platform will provide you the comfort and control to ensure that the Network and Critical Resources remain Operational and Secure.

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