micemaze.jpgA new add-on adaptive module that proactively finds and blocks resilient malware's numerous avenues of infiltration by applying new proprietary algorithms while simultaneously scanning all nodes of the network it protects.

What does that mean?

The scan set is part of the EdgeWall® System, our Adaptive NAC. The scan set searches for different aspects of any known malware. When an authorized user logs in to the system, the EdgeWall® does an automatic scan. If any questionable material is found, they are denied access to the network and shown an Adaptive Error Page with a list of what was found. These error pages can then be used for self remediation, without having to call your IT Department. In addition, Milton technicians are available to help clean out any malware.

Why do I need that?

You've heard of the Target and Neiman Marcus Data attacks, right?

According to some reports, the attackers were able to get the Kaptoxa Malware installed on Target's Point of Sale (PoS) systems by way of a 3rd party HVAC contractor with unfettered access to the entire network systems of Target stores nationwide. Designed to thwart such intrusion, the EdgeWall® Adaptive Security Appliance's countermeasures would have been uniquely suited to block the malware from installing itself onto any system within the network.

The release of the Milton new adaptive module KMICE0x, comes at a perfect time for organizations seeking preventative measures from an existing and growing threat. Milton Security strongly cautions businesses against the devastating impact of such sensitive data breaches to a brand's identity and public relations most often resulting in scarring revenue losses.

In addition to incalculable business and operational disruptions, experts already estimate existing damages and liabilities in the hundreds of millions of dollars. With similarly-vulnerable point-of-sale systems widely deployed across hospitals, government entities and schools, the urgency and critical importance of preventative measures cannot be overstated.

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