Wi-Fi networks make it easy for guests, contractors, and other non-employees to access the Internet, network resources, or even their Virtual Protected Networks (VPN) client. However, there can be a host of potential security threats that arise when allowing guests wireless privileges. Without the proper protection unknown devices on your Wi-Fi could transfer malware onto your network, gain access to sensitive data, and threaten the overall function of your business.

Keeping your Wi-Fi access secure should not overburden your IT staff or increase your costs. More and more administrators have turned toward to establishing secondary networks with independent internet access in order to provide Wi-Fi. The EdgeWall® System eliminates the need for a second network, making it a more functional and cost-effective solution. Regardless of your wireless deployment, it can seamlessly integrate into your Wireless LAN and start enforcing access control with minimal impact to users or administrators.

With the Guest Wifi access control feature of the EdgeWall® NAC, you can enjoy the convenience of offering wireless access with the comfort and confidence of a secure network. The EdgeWall® System is a full feature wireless NAC, allowing you to implement granular, identity-based access control to secure your wireless network for all types of users. Control features include:

  • Admission control for all users onto the Wireless LAN
  • Differentiate network access between Guests, Employees & Contractors
  • Enforce access control based on the user's credentials, time of day and location
  • Provide differentiated access over common infrastructure (shared SSID)
  • Seamless integration with existing authentication services
  • Provide a captive portal to interact with users
  • Track all user activity on the network
  • Control the visibility to networks, servers or applications to all Wireless LAN users

The EdgeWall® Series can be used in many different scenarios depending on your needs. However, you can be confident of one thing - the EdgeWall® platform will provide you the comfort and control to ensure that the Network and Critical Resources remain Operational and Secure.

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