Do you know who is connected to your network? Administrators often lack the necessary visibility to monitor the endpoints that connect to their network. Whether deliberate or accidental, unauthorized machines and unknown devices often carry malware or other security risks with them. This endpoint blind spot leaves the administrator and the network in a vulnerable position; threatening security, network performance, and the bottom line.

The Endpoint Visibility feature of the EdgeWall® platform can provide full visibility of each and every device accessing your network. The EdgeWall® System discovers and reports all endpoints and displays the information in customized, easy-to-read reports and a live dashboard. With Endpoint Visibility you can track:

  • MAC addresses
  • IP addresses
  • User Credentials
  • VLAN tag
  • Session details

Additionally, the Endpoint Visibility provides information on the compliance profile of each device. With this solution you can scan for:

  • OS and Service Pack levels
  • Antivirus Version & Current Status
  • Firewall settings
  • Application requirements (e.g. IE9)

The Endpoint Visibility solution gives the Administrator accurate and useful network data to determine the validity of each endpoint— providing comfort and control over who and what is connecting to the network.

The EdgeWall® Series can be used in many different scenarios depending on your needs. However, you can be confident of one thing - the EdgeWall® platform will provide you the comfort and control to ensure that the Network and Critical Resources remain Operational and Secure

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