NAC In Plain English:

NAC (short for Network Access Control) is a security system that controls device access and traffic on your internal network. When a computer connects to a network (via wireless or wired means), it is scanned by the NAC for software and update requirements. These requirements, known as a policy, can include things like anti-virus protection levels, system update levels, configurations, and firewall settings. If the device being checked isn’t compliant with the policy there are several options that the NAC can be set to enforce. An uncompliant device can simply be given a warning with information on how to resolve its issues. It can be given a deadline by which it must update its system. It can be quarantined so that it may only access resources that will remediate (resolve or update) its compliance, among other options.

Once the policy is satisfied, the device is given admission to network resources and the Internet depending upon the user’s profile. The NAC continues to control what a user is allowed to access even after they have been authenticated and authorized, providing an added level of security. For example, users in HR need access to HR department files but not those of the accounting department. With this technology you can stipulate what kind of access each user is allowed even within the network.

Adaptive Network Access Control - EdgeWall® Series Solutions

Adaptive NACs can be customized to fit the needs of each environment and work with the existing infrastructure. Additionally, they can do agentless scans meaning that a device does not need to have software pre-loaded before proceeding. This allows new and personal devices to be integrated into the network easily yet securely. You never have to worry if an agent’s software is up to date, leaving no risk of compromise or added network chatter.

Agentless scans and adaptive solutions require the indomitable flexibility which can only be fully realized with an in-line NAC placement. In-line adaptive NACs physically sit between users and resources allowing full control over a device’s access, packet by packet. The flexibility of adaptive, agentless, in-line NACs grant safe, yet efficient access to your LAN and corporate resources.

Network Security in an Unsecure world requires a dynamic and adaptive solution!

New malware and threats are released every day and staying on top of them can be a full time job. The EdgeWall® Series Adaptive NAC solution can help you take the stress out of maintaining security. Let us show you how to prevent attacks from the latest network threats, latest virus threats, keylogger threats, and botnets using our Edge Series Devices.

The EdgeWall® Series by Milton Security Group, Inc is the industry’s first line of high-performance Adaptive NAC appliances. The EdgeWall® platforms are deployed, in-line, at critical points in the network providing network control and visibility functions including:

  • Network Access and Admission Control (NAC) for all users onto the network
  • Control access based on user credentials, business function, time of day, or location
  • Differentiated access over common infrastructure (single VLAN)
  • Seamless integration with existing authentication services
  • Web portal to interact with users
  • Track and Log all user activity on the network
  • Protect critical internal resources
  • Endpoint Visibility & Validation
  • Quarantine Non-Compliant Endpoints

The EdgeWall® Series of adaptive NAC devices can be used in many different scenarios depending on your needs. However, you can be confident of one thing - the EdgeWall® platform will provide you the comfort and control to ensure that the Network and Critical Resources remain Operational and Secure.

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