Proof of Value

Milton Security Group's Proof of Value (POV) offers you the opportunity to evaluate our unique Managed Detection & Response service.


The POV is an intensive 15-day FREE trial designed to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of our Milton Hunt Teams and Threat Models, within the context of your unique environment. Only during the month of June, we've added 14 days to our trial to offer a 29-day FREE trial!

Milton Security Group Proof of Value Benefits



Our team actively evaluates information gathered by our MACeBox, weeding out false positives, and alerting you when we discover something that needs more attention. With continuous monitoring of your network, our teams learn what your normal business processes are and know when to isolate events that look suspicious.



Our MDR team will constantly watch over source groups in your network, actively hunting for threats that bypass the typical barriers to a network. Milton Security MDR is backed by our highly skilled threat analysts that are trained to discover the types of events that may lead to a threat, proactively preventing problems before they arise.



As soon as our team discovers an issue, we act. In minutes our Response Team can have a wealth of data and expertise at your disposal to answer questions and provide solutions. Our team works directly with yours to evaluate the threat and mitigate exposure.

Milton Security Group POV Timeline

The following graphic represents a typical POV evaluation timeline. Please note that the complexity of your environment may reduce or increase this timeline and should be discussed with Milton Security Group prior to commencing your POV evaluation.

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