Expert Services

Three Expert Services offered at Milton Security: Offensive Security, Current State of Security, and Executive Consulting Services
Offensive Shield

Penetration Testing and Application Security

Penetration Testing enables you to see your network and security as your adversaries see it. From automated reconnaissance to testers exploiting vulnerabilities and moving laterally in your network to your crown jewels, we can do it all. And when we are done, you get a detailed report showing what we did, how we emulated a real threat actor, and what you can do to harden your systems against such threats.

Application Security is about making sure that your applications, whether they are web or mobile, are resilient against a determined adversary. Applications are gateways for adversaries to get deeper into your systems or, in many cases, to exploit the data they have access to. Milton will provide you with the tools and techniques to improve your application security against real world malicious attacks.

We'll help you get your security program headed in the right direction.

Assessments of Regulatory Frameworks and Controls Implementations

State Shield

Framework and controls assessments look at your people, processes, policy and technology to determine how well you meet their requirements. Since these frameworks are designed to improve and strengthen security programs, smeeting their requirements means you have established a solid baseline of security capabilities.

We can assess a wide range of frameworks and industries, from Healthcare (HIPAA) to Aerospace & Defense (DFARS, CMMC). 

We go beyond the traditional assessment and look at the implementation of controls to make recommendations for improvement. Each of our assessments includes a Plan of Action unique to the customer, rather than a generic, high level approach.

Milton Security's Executive Consulting capability brings senior security experience, business acumen, and practical insights to bear to assess your program and provide a long term, actionable roadmap to your business, technology, and security leaders.

Tie Shield

Virtual CISO, Security Program Assessments, and Roadmaps


Virtual CISO Services are a great opportunity for many organizations to gain access to world class CISO's in a marketplace where hiring them is difficult and cost prohibitive. Whether a temporary or long term need, Milton Security can provide you with senior team members that have experience from Director to Senior Executive and have provided hands on, practical security leadership in a wide variety of organizations. These highly competent security practitioners bring a depth of experience and knowledge to your security program that will help it go to the next level through visibility, transparency, and leadership.

Program Assessments and Roadmaps enable our customers to see their Security Program in the context of their larger Technology and Business programs. Rather than looking at the more narrow context of security frameworks, these assessments move to the needs of the business overall, and how the prgram is aligned with business strategy.

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Security is a challange. 

Let us help get you moving in the right direction.  From figuring out whats missing, to testing and monitoring, we have a solution that will work for you.

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