With threats to your network constantly looming on the horizon, you need to be in a state of constant vigilance to ensure that your network remains secure. New monitoring solutions and the hiring and training of round-the-clock coverage could be a high priced investment, but with the Milton Security Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC), you can afford to keep your network secure. 

Add Security Expertise without Adding Headcount

Adding new security solutions can come with many challenges including the need for trained employees as well as enough manpower for continued administration of the new solutions. The Milton Security vSOC allows you to expand your IT team without having to take on new employees. Our team becomes your team, and we put our wealth of knowledge to work for you. We will make sure your security equipment stays up to date by efficiently deploying appliance updates and scan sets as soon as they become available. From simple Adds, Moves, and Changes all the way to Incident Response, we are in it together.

Solutions + Expertise

By employing our vSOC, you get the benefit of theMiltonSOC1200.jpgnetwork security tools that Milton Security has developed in the past decade of business, along with the expertise of our employees to manage it for you! Our team will configure and help you deploy the right equipment in the right places. Systems are configured to fit your network prior to shipping which makes deployment a breeze.

Our Team is on the Job

24x7 SupportOur vSOC is available 24 hours per day and someone is always watching. You can rest easy that someone is always monitoring the activity that's going on. Our team is actively evaluating information gathered by our SOCBOX, weeding out false positives other systems may be sending, and alerting you when we discover something that needs more attention. We utilize our 1MC-Labs, threat intelligence feeds, and discovered threats across all of our customers to enhance our active threat monitoring for you. As soon as our team discovers an issue, we take action. Our team works directly with yours to evaluate the threat, mitigate exposure, and establish a solution to make your company safe again. In minutes our team can have a wealth of data and expertise at your disposal to answer questions and provide solutions. 

Stay Up to Date

bigstock-Update-Window-Popup-Alert-Conc-154863347.jpgOur vSOC ensures your security equipment stays up to date and secure. Our team efficiently deploys system upgrades, security patches, and scan sets as soon as they become available. With every update, we evaluate your policies and suggest and employ new features that benefit your organization. Don't fall behind the curve when your other projects take priority.

Flex Light$0.59
Per Source*/Hour

  • Minimum of 40 hours per week
  • Monitoring only
  • Email Notification Only
  • Basic Reporting

Per Source*/Hour

  • Minimum of 60 hours per week
  • Monitoring and Mitigation
  • Up to 6 Hours Of Incident Response Included per year
  • Email and Phone Notifications
  • Basic Reporting

Flex Pro$0.49
Per Source*/Hour

  • Minimum of 90 hours per week
  • Monitoring and Mitigation
  • Up to 20 Hours Of Incident Reponse Included per year
  • Email, Phone, and Live chat Notifications
  • NAC As A Service
  • Enhanced Reporting

* A source is a device or system that you would like for our SOC to monitor.  
Examples of sources are Firewall(s), AD, Antivirus, Edgewall® Enforcement system, etc. 

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