1MC-Lab's Blue Team Services

Blue Team Services


Incident Response & Remediation

Our team is well equipped to handle incident response and remediation for networks of any size. Utilizing the industry's most powerful software and tools, we can help analyze your network and find any areas of weakness, patch them, and locate the source of any issues that may arise.


IT Forensics & Incident Response

Someone on your network has been causing issues and it's time to figure out what is going on. Something changedbut you aren't sure what. This is a common issue companies struggle with. We can help you put the pieces together so you can determine what is normal day to day work and what is not. From Drive cloning and analysis to network communication patterns, we can build a timeline for you to follow, and give you the evidence you need to make changes.


Security Planning & Consultation

Security of your business is paramount to its success. Our experts can consult and plan with you to establish proven methods of security to incorporate security from the beginning, or armor what's already there.

Rigorous security planning is a proven method of minimizing the security impacts on your organization. Let our advisers counsel you on the best strategies and contingencies plans custom tailored for your network environment.


Simulated Exercises

In the mercurial world of cyber threats there will never be a completely secured network. However, here at 1MC-Labs we take pride in our state of the art lab which allows us to take current threats, attack a controlled virtual environment, and formulate countermeasures accordingly. These exercises ensure the strongest countermeasures are created, tested and implemented. We can help your team perform the same exercises in your environment. Muscle memory can be key when it feels like the sky is falling.


Security Audits & Surveys

Check the pulse of your business by performing a security audit or survey to highlight your areas of excellence and pin-point the areas that need improvement. Build a strong and comprehensive situational awareness of your network configurations by letting our analysts perform a Security Audit.


Malware Analysis

As 1MC-Labs Professionals we pride ourselves in our proficiency in dissecting the latest malware and providing solutions to combat constantly evolving cyber threats.

1MC-Labs has created a sandbox environment to analyze malware to develop remediation strategies in addition to fully hardened virtual networks (to DoD/NIST standards) to test tools in preparation for real world engagement.


Social Engineering Review & Training

No one is immune to Social Engineering attacks! Condition your organization to recognize and report social engineering attacks before your network is compromised.

You're only as good as you train to be. With our real world inspired scenarios, update your policies and procedures against the latest attack methods on your most vulnerable pain point, your people.


Infrastructure Design Review

Let our experts help you design the optimal network to bring you the speed you need and the reliability you require. We will lay out all the steps you need to have the best network, using the best practices, and of course top notch security!

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