Weekly Q&A with
Jim McMurry

                                   -Milton Security Founder

In the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to keep data safe. Cybersecurity isn’t just a service you pay someone else to do and forget about. In order for it to be 100% effective, everyone needs to understand, at least at a basic level, what is going on.

Over the last 14 years we’ve noticed a pattern of questions that keep popping up as customers try to understand what we do, how we do it, and why it’s important.

That’s why we’re going to take the next 12 weeks and answer some of these questions. 

And while we have a list of the ones we’ve heard the most, the questions we really want to answer are the ones that you have right now. Starting Thursday we are going to do just that.

Join the list and fire away!

What questions do you have about cybersecurity? Do you want to know how it works, or if it looks like what you see in the movies? No question is off limits.

So, what do you want to know?

Week 1

How do we collect data?

Week 2

What do we do with the data?

Week 3

What's the difference between MSSP and MDR?

Week 4

Do you work with [insert your preferred tool here]?

Week 5

How does incident response work?

Week 6

How do we collect data? [Part 2]

Week 7

What are attack vectors? How are they used?

Week 8

Threat Hunting: IoC, IoT and ML

Week 9

Take a tour of the Milton SOC

Week 10

Milton Security - The Origin Story

Week 11

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt - Oh My!

Week 12

Why Choose Milton?