USBInformer® provides USB port security on every Windows based endpoint on your network. Using a real-time security monitoring service, the USBInformer®client stops access to any USB device not approved by administrators. The web portal then allows administrators to remotely grant or reject user access to new and existing USB devices.


The EdgeWall® System is the industry's first and only Inline Adaptive Network Access Control appliance. The EdgeWall® System manages all traffic on a packet by packet basis. What makes an EdgeWall®System Adaptive? It works with any equipment already on the network. It does not need to interact with switches to change vlans, and it does not need to use special protocols for new equipment, giving you the flexibility you need to handle every scenario.


Now that you are being protected by your new EdgeWall® Adaptive NAC System, you can get focused on the risky endpoints. EdgeInformer gathers information from all your EdgeWall®Systems and delivers statistics about your network. It allows you to keep an eye on your top talkers, as well as look for anomalies in network usage in real-time or over the past 30 days.