Milton Security Opens a Security Operations Center

Milton's SOC offers NAC as a Service

FULLERTON, Calif., February 2017 --- Milton Security Group Inc., a global leader and innovator in network and endpoint security, today launched the Milton Security Operations Center (SOC). Included with this new SOC, Milton is bringing Network Access Control (NAC) As A Service, which reduces the burden on staff. As many professionals in the cyber industry gather next week in San Francisco for RSA to look at all the new blinky light boxes, we are here standing watch over our customer's networks.

Organizations now will get real-time results without the noise, letting them focus on their primary business rather than trying to use limited resources in building and maintaining their own SOC. With NAC As A Service, when customers sign up for SOC Services at the 18x7 or 24x7 levels, they get the needed EdgeWall® NAC appliances included for free.

Understanding the high cost of hiring and training technical experts to work round- the-clock, as well as a capital expense for equipment, Milton is happy to offer Security as a Service at an affordable price to its customers. With both 18x7 or 24x7 coverage options, customers are able to sign up for a SOC Plan of their choosing.

"Milton has revolutionized the Network Access Control space and has minimized the path to adoption" said James McMurry, CEO. "We wanted to simplify the implementation to get your organization to the next level of layered security architecture. The industry experience of our team, and the 10 years of building one of the premier NAC solutions ensure we enhance the security posture of any organization. We will be your NAC administrator, Subject Matter Expert, and your ever vigilant, around the clock cyber security partner."

As we have all witnessed, attacks are becoming more frequent and the targets are not just large organizations, but organizations of all sizes. The amount of data coming from internal platforms, applications, anti-virus, anti-malware, IDS, firewalls, Network Access Control is becoming larger by the day. Fancy marketing and advertisements in airports does not make your organization secure. With our proactive SOC and inline EdgeWall® solutions, we are able stop threats in real-time, even the silent ones.

About Milton Security Group Inc.:

Our core belief is that marketing terms and blinky lights do not solve cyber security problems. We have designed a range of solutions tailored to meeting critical infrastructure needs in securing systems. From the foundation of the EdgeWall® NAC, to our new SOC, Milton has proved that security starts with you.

Milton Security Group Inc. is a Department of Veterans Affairs Certified Veteran- Owned Small Business (VOSB)

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