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Milton Security Issues Statement on How to Mitigate Ransomware Attacks

BREA, CA, Jul. 1, 2021 -- Milton Security, a leading provider of Threat Hunting as a Service, XDR & MDR (MxDR) SOC Services, issued a statement today on immediate action steps that organizations need to take in order to mitigate ransomware attacks and what to do in case ransomware is detected on a network. Milton is also offering a free 29-day Proof of Value trial of their services for organizations who sign up during the month of June.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and the level of risk for one of these attacks is at an all-time high. Due to the nature of your business, your systems and data pose an even higher risk than most. As your trusted MDR partner, Milton Security wants to make sure that you have mitigated what you can on your end and are also prepared in the event that an attack does occur.

“At Milton, we have noticed this increase in ransomware activity and have assembled a list of actions and activities that your team should immediately take, if not already done, in order to mitigate this risk and what to do if ransomware is discovered,” said James McMurry, CEO of Milton Security. “Organizational leaders who have been on the fence about managed cybersecurity services should look into our free 29-day trial for the month of June. Because of the recent spike in ransomware attacks, we want to remove any barriers that leaders might have when it comes to the importance of protecting their network.”

Immediate action steps:

  1. Turn on MFA for ALL remote and admin access.
  2. Enable endpoint protection on all laptops, desktops, and servers - preferably something with Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities, simple anti-virus alone does not provide the level of security needed to prevent these attacks.
  3. Backup production systems and be sure to keep those backups stored offline and disconnected from your production networks. Remember, if it’s online, it’s a potential target.
  4. Test out your backup/disaster recovery plan, even if only through table top exercises. This should include scenarios like:
  • You have just been hit by ransomware. What is the first thing you do?
  • Who do you call and in what order?
  • How do you recover workstations, servers, mail, etc.?
  • Who constitutes your Incident Management Team and what authority do they have to take action to protect your business? This is important to have defined beforehand and not something you want to figure out in the heat of the moment.
  • Conduct table top exercises on a regular basis to make sure that you are prepared.

5. Ensure that all critical systems are being monitored 24x7 by Milton and that you are interacting with us routinely when we send you a Suspicious Activity Alert.

What to do if ransomware is discovered:

  1. Immediately activate your incident management team and notify Milton’s SOC if we haven’t already notified you.
  2. Identify infected systems and isolate them from the network immediately, including physically removing the network cables from the systems.
  3. Isolate Public Internet connectivity, if possible.
  4. Activate Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
  5. Remember, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” — Mike Tyson. You will need to adapt to the reality of the malicious actors actions.

“While no one wants to get hit with ransomware, those who have practiced and prepared for the worst, running through the motions until it is second nature, often find themselves in better shape on the other side,” said Eric Cowperwaithe, COO of Milton Security. “Our clients who work closely with us, as trusted partners in their cybersecurity plans, often see the best results. We keep them informed of activity as we monitor their networks and that helps prepare their teams as they go through the table top exercises.”

If you have any questions about how to prepare or where your current plan has gaps, you can contact Milton Security. For organizations that sign up during the month of June, Milton is providing a free 29-day Proof of Value trial of their Managed Detection and Response services.

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