Milton Security Group Celebrates 8th Anniversary in the Network Security Industry

Milton Security Group Celebrates 8th Anniversary in the Network Security Industry

Fullerton, CA - July 9, 2015

Milton Security Group, the manufacturer of the EdgeWallTMinline network security currently protecting thousands of endpoints and networks around the globe, is celebrating its 8th anniversary.

Founder James McMurry, originally set out to create a unique and reliable solution to what he saw then as the coming of what we now know as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon, and all of the security ramifications that came with those. Up until then, partial solutions being offered didn’t cover every platform, and required an agent on every device that was introduced to the network.

Milton’s 8th year has been an exciting one. With the announcement of the release of our most forward-thinking network security appliance, the EdgeWallTM, Milton honors its roots and traditions.

“Releasing our most promising, revolutionary and cutting edge Cyber Defense Appliance, the EdgeWallTM, has been exhilarating. It’s a reminder of where we began, and how far we have come,” said James McMurry, “Eight years ago, we set out out to create the most secure, inline network security solution that was possible, and we continue to uphold that tradition today.”

When the original Edge7200TM arrived on the scene eight years ago, it was the very first inline, adaptive network access control appliance. The new EdgeWallTM continues along the same path, but has grown into a very unique adaptive system that can protect endpoints in diverse networks of all sizes. The platform for all future network access control systems is the EdgeWallTMappliance.

As an example of Milton Security’s growth, we expanded into Southeast Asia this year with the announcement of our partnership with Halodata, a prominent distribution and IT security company in Indonesia.

“The recent partnership with Halodata has opened up new opportunities for us,” McMurry stated, “The ability to spread our technologies across the globe is truly awe inspiring, and we are driven to do so by our belief that expanding network security awareness is a worthwhile goal. We look forward to the next eight years and beyond!”

Today, Milton remains a veteran-owned and operated business, with McMurry in the position of CEO. The company continues to put an emphasis on hiring veterans whenever possible, with over 50% of their employees being veterans from multiple branches of the military.

About Milton Security Group Inc.:

Milton Security Group Inc., a Department of Veterans Affairs Certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) was started in 2007 with the basic idea to make Network Security within reach of all businesses. From this basic principle, Milton Security Group has designed and developed a growing suite of security solutions, starting with the Edge7200 Adaptive Network Access Control solution. Milton Security Group has become one of the leading Network Access Control (NAC) inventors and proponents. All of our solutions are tailored for the individual customer, as each network and needs are unique.

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