Milton Security Group Assembles Wearable Network Penetration and Testing Kit to be used as Giveaway Today at Interop IT Expo and Conference in Las Vegas

Milton Security Group Assembles Wearable Network Penetration and Testing Kit to be used as Giveaway Today at Interop IT Expo and Conference in Las Vegas

Fullerton, CA (May 9, 2012) - Milton Security Group LLC, the premier manufacturer of adaptive network security appliances and network management solutions, have created a wearable network penetration and testing kit, concealed within the interior pockets of a ScottEvest Transformer jacket.

Nicknamed The Hacket, the assembled package includes everything required for fully portable penetration testing. All items are concealed within the jacket’s 20 interior pockets, offering the user stealth, free-roaming testing. The complete kit is comprised of 12 items chosen, in part, by feedback generated from Milton Security’s blog, and social media pages which fielded the question of what to include in the assembly of a functional kit. Milton Security staff finalized the list, and acquired each of the most popular items suggested.

The Hacket contents:

  • ScottEVest Transformer Jacket with 20 interior pockets, coal, size large
  • Gateway LT3119u Running Backtrack 5 R2 (AMD Athlon 64 X2 L310, 11.6′′ HD LED LCD, 2 GB Memory, 250GB HDD)
  • Cradlepoint CTR35 Wireless N portable router
  • Alfa Networks AWUS036NH With Alfa Indoor APA-M04 7dBi Uni- directional Antenna
  • Alfa Networks AWUS036NH with Alfa Indoor 9dBi SMA High-Gain Omni- Direction Antenna
  • MetaGeek Wi-Spy 2.4x
  • Apple iPod Touch 8GB with VNC for remote access to netbook, and Incipio EDGE Hard Shell case
  • Southord MPXS-08 Lock Pick Set
  • Books (Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide, BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing, Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide)

The jacket, and all its contents valued at nearly $1,600.00 will be given away today at the Interop IT Expo and Conference in Las Vegas. The winner will be chosen via random selection from contest registration entries submitted at Winners must be present at the conference with proof of valid identification.

About Milton Security Group LLC:

Milton Security Group, LLC is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) security company with a consulting practice. Its wide-ranging product line enables granular control over all network devices. The company introduced the first low-cost adaptive endpoint and network access control suite of products, including the world’s first 10Gig adaptive network security solution with its Edge10G NAC appliance. Founded by James McMurry in 2007, Milton Security Group prides itself in offering products and services which enables organizations to properly protect their internal network systems and endpoints. Its clients include small businesses to multi-national corporations, as well as Federal & State agencies, cities & counties, public & private universities, and hospitals. Milton Security Group provides its clients, and customers with exceptional customer service, and world-class network security products and solutions.

Visithttp://www.MiltonSecurity.comfor information or call 1.888.674.9001.