Milton Security to Demonstrate New Cyber Defense Appliance, the EdgeWall 150, at FMIConnect Following Recent Federal Government Breaches at IRS and Office of Personnel Management

Milton Security to Demonstrate New Cyber Defense Appliance, the EdgeWall 150, at FMIConnect Following Recent Federal Government Breaches at IRS and Office of Personnel Management

FULLERTON, Calif., June 8, 2015

Milton Security Group, the leading inline network security appliance manufacturer, has expanded the EdgeWall family of appliances. The new EdgeWall models, 150 and 500, use the same core technology that has been built and hardened over the past 8 years. These new models fit perfectly within a branch office, a grocery store, car dealership or other locations that do not have high numbers of devices on their network.

"Every organization needs to be taking the necessary steps to secure all of their data and systems," said James McMurry, CEO of Milton Security Group. "It is clearly time to think about security beyond just the firewall, and not only in the main offices."

The EdgeWall is a scalable, proactive network security appliance that sits inline within a network, continuously monitoring traffic flows at the packet level. The EdgeWall detects threats and proactively isolates them to mitigate the threat. Unauthorized access is immediately quarantined with administrators being notified in real time.

As it doesn't need agents on the endpoint devices, the EdgeWall solutions are network agnostic and work with any network infrastructure. Integration with retail Point of Sales systems, industrial control systems (SCADA), sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) can be as easy as plugging two cables in.

"Internet of Things (IoT) devices and embedded systems can potentially be a doorway to your network as you can't install software on them to fix it. Our EdgeWall mitigates this threat," added McMurry.

The new EdgeWall 150 and EdgeWall 500 are very small appliances requiring less than 8 inches by 7 inches.

"Organizations don't always have the space or infrastructure for enterprise hardware in their remote offices or in small businesses," commented Ethan Coulter, President of Milton Security. "All businesses have some form of personally identifiable information, including financial information, and we want them to have the right tool to protect themselves."

The new EdgeWall 150 and EdgeWall 500 have all of the same security functions as the Milton's enterprise EdgeWall line including:

  • Sits inline with the network, performing a Deep Packet Inspection

  • Competitively priced to fit into the tightest budget (Starting at $1999)

  • Control access and traffic based on multiple adaptive factors

  • Ability to integrate with Active Directory, LDAP and Two Factor solutions

  • Cloud Authentication integration with Google Apps and Office 365

  • Ability to track and log all user activity on the network in real time

  • Adapts to new and emerging cyber threats

  • Truly granular control that provides incredible depth and precision

    Security breaches within organizations are increasing rapidly. Prime examples would be the recent hacks of the IRS and Office of Personnel Management. One key in mitigating breaches is to control access for each employee, customer and device connected to your network.

    "You might think that IoT device is secure, but once a hacker compromises it, he will have unfettered access to your network. If you have an EdgeWall on your network, it will observe unusual activity and quarantine him. The compromised device or computer will be isolated and disconnected from your network," added Coulter.

Milton Security Group will be demonstrating how the new EdgeWall works within a grocery store setting at the FMI Connect Conference this week. If you're in Chicago, go on down to the South Hall of McCormick Place and visit Booth 1664 in the Technology Pavilion to see the EdgeWall in action!

If you are interested in finding out more about the EdgeWall, please contact us at, or give us a call at 714-515- 4011.

About Milton Security Group Inc.:

Milton Security Group Inc., a Department of Veterans Affairs Certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) was started in 2007 with the basic idea to make Network Security within reach of all businesses. From this basic principle, Milton Security Group has designed and developed a growing suite of security solutions, starting with the EdgeWall Adaptive Network Access Control solution. Milton Security Group has become one of the leading Network Access Control (NAC) inventors and proponents. All of our solutions are tailored for the individual customer, as each network and needs are unique.

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