Milton Security Celebrates 10 Years of Providing Reliable Security Solutions

Milton Security Celebrates 10 Years of Providing Reliable Security Solutions

10_words.jpgFULLERTON, Calif., June 30, 2017 -- Milton Security Group Inc., a cybersecurity company that offers 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring and incident response, announced on June 29th 2017 that they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Sharing the same 10th anniversary date as the release of the first Apple iPhone reflects a watershed moment in their respective industries.

When starting Milton Security 10 years ago, Founder & CEO James McMurry set out to create a unique and reliable security solution that was also affordable. He saw the coming of what we now know as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon with all of the security ramifications that came with those environments. Up until the introduction of the EdgeWall®, partial solutions being offered didn't cover every platform, and required an agent on every device that was introduced to the network.

"It has been an exciting 10 years," said CEO Jim McMurry.  "I have personally seen many firms come and go. I started Milton without any outside investors, I boot-strapped the whole 10 years. A few years ago, I brought Ethan Coulter on as my partner and President at Milton, so I could concentrate on our technology direction and helping to educate our customers. We have accomplished quite a lot in these past ten years, and have great plans for the future. I am very excited about the next 10 years!"

"The security world has been one wild ride and we've had a blast supporting our customers throughout the years," said President Ethan Coulter.  "Our goal has always been to help as many as possible, and our vSOC is really the best way for us to do that.  Now all of our customers have experts on their teams and I'm proud we can be that for them."

"Since joining Milton 5 years ago, I have concentrated on selling real innovation and solutions, not just a product," said Evan Tremper, Director of Business Development, "Milton has always concentrated on helping our customers first, and that is why I joined this great team. I believe that there are too many other Information Security firms that believe they are revolutionizing cybersecurity through the use of artificial intelligence to proactively prevent advanced persistent threats, when in fact it takes more than just blinky lights and machine learning to truly secure organizations."

Understanding the high cost of hiring and training technical experts to work round- the-clock, as well as a capital expense for equipment, Milton Security launched its virtual Security Operations Center featuring their EdgeWall® solution. The Milton Security vSOC offers SOC as a Service, NAC as a Service and Incident Response all in one package, and with flexible coverage options. Customers are able to sign up for a vSOC Plan that best suits their company's needs at an affordable price.

About Milton Security Group Inc.:

Milton Security Group Inc., a Department of Veterans Affairs Certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) was started in 2007 with the basic idea to make Network Security within reach of all businesses. From this basic principle, Milton Security Group has designed and developed a growing suite of security solutions, starting with the EdgeWall® Adaptive Network Access Control solution. All of our solutions are tailored for the individual customer, as each network and needs are unique. Continually adapting to the needs of customers, Milton Security began offering virtual Security Operations Center services at the beginning of 2017.

Milton Security puts an emphasis on hiring Veterans whenever possible, with half of their employees being Veterans from multiple branches of the military.