The Internet of Things at CES Magnifies the Need for Network Access Control

The Internet of Things at CES Magnifies the Need for Network Access Control

(Proper network security is now required for the myriad of new devices hitting the market.)

Las Vegas, Nevada - January 7, 2015 - Businesses will need to look for an in-line Network Access Control appliance to properly secure their networks with all of the new smart appliances and devices being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week. Much of today’s security options require the installation of software on devices or the passing of credentials to gain access to the network. Both of these paradigms are inconsistent with these new, proprietary devices, referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

“With the release of all these smart appliances I’ve seen at CES this year, network security is more important now than ever,” stated Jim McMurry, network security expert and current CEO of Milton Security in Southern California. “These devices are designed to require as little interaction as possible and to just work. You can expect your smoke detector to smell for smoke, but you can’t expect it to thwart a hacker. Your network has to be smart enough to adapt to these new devices and monitor network traffic for intruders. You can't load security software on these cool things, so you have to secure the network at the packet level.”

The thought of securing a smoke detector might sound mundane, but a hacker can use insecure appliances and devices to gain access to a network. Once they are in, they can access other devices including secure and confidential information.

Milton Security has been designing and building Network Access Control equipment for over 8 years. Its latest releases are the Edge7200i and ICEGuard appliances running Milton’s secure EdgeOS 7.5 operating system. “We take an expanded approach with our NAC. Not only do we provide the standard network access control with permissions and credentials, we go a step further, and monitor traffic, at a deep packet level, for anomalies,” continued McMurry. “We call the NAC appliances ‘adaptive network access control’ because they monitor traffic and activity from any device including the newest devices. For instance, if the new IoT smart AC control system started sending packets to the server or your office computer, our Adaptive NACs can stop it immediately, stopping an attack in its tracks. I’m sure Sony, Target, Home Depot and CVS would have been a lot happier with our hardware in their network. I doubt they would be in the position they are now.”

The Edge7200i and ICEGuard solutions are the industry's first Inline Adaptive Network Access Control appliances that work with any other brand of network equipment to provide unparalleled secure access to the network. They do not need to interact with switches to change vlans, and they do not need to use special protocols for strange or new equipment. Adaptive NACs sit inline like a piece of network cable, managing all traffic on a packet by packet basis. Being inline allows the Milton Adaptive NACs to quickly address any threats that may crop up in ever- changing environments.

With features like a deep packet engine that monitors for threats, endpoint scanning including agentless health compliance, and the ability to continuously monitor all endpoints in real time, the Milton line of Adaptive NACs can lock down your network and give you back control.

The Milton team of engineers and white hat professionals would love to show the Adaptive NAC in action or answer any of your network security concerns. They can be reached at (888) 674-9001 or at Stop threats today!

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Milton Security Group Inc, a Department of Veterans Affairs Certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) was started with the basic idea to make Network Security within reach of all businesses. From this basic principle, Milton Security Group has designed and developed a growing suite of security solutions, including the Edge7200i and ICEGuard Adaptive Network Access Control solutions. Milton Security Group has become one of the leading Network Access Control (NAC) inventors and proponents. All of our solutions are tailored for the individual customer, as each network and needs are unique.

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