100 Billion A Month

100 Billion A Month - Stopping State Sponsored Attacks (In Real Time) So You Don't End Up On The Data Breach News Cycle

FULLERTON, CA. - June 12, 2019 - Milton Security today announced breaking the 100 billion a month mark. Milton Security is well on its path to break 200 billion within the next 6 months.

“Today is a momentous occasion for Milton Security as we pass over the 40,123 Events Per Second (EPS) barrier,” said James McMurry, CEO.  "With another Fortune 500 firm adding Milton Security to help defend their systems, it shows organizations are eager to increase visibility into their networks using the cyber security systems they already have, paired with our Milton Argos Platform (MAP) and Threat Hunting As A Service (THaaS)."

In the past 6 months Milton Security has thwarted thousands of potential breaches and attempts, including State Sponsored attacks.  Milton Security has ingested, analyzed, processed and hunted billions of event messages daily, created a new threat intel system Ptolemy which when combined with MAP and THaaS has enabled our Threat Hunting experts to improve the security for all of our customers, including recently stopping a State Sponsored   attack.

By pairing Machine Learning (ML) with capable US based Threat Hunting Experts in Fullerton California, we are the tip of the spear for our customers 24*7.

“We are so certain that our unique capabilities will help organizations, that we created a 15 day Proof Of Value” said Evan Tremper, VP of Sales. “This allows organizations to kick the tires, and see what we can do to help them, all at no cost.”


About Milton Security Group, Inc.®:

Milton Security Group, Inc.®, is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business started in 2007.

Milton Security operates a 24*7*365 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service that provides Threat Hunting As A Service using customers’ existing security infrastructure. Using a combination of AI, ML, and human correlation, the Milton Threat Hunters scout for threats and assists with incident response activities in real time 24 hours a day. According to a recent report by Gartner, “Managed detection and response services allow organizations to add 24/7 dedicated threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities via a turnkey approach.” Milton Security MDR goes above and beyond this by actively threat hunting, not just monitoring.

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