The Partner Program Overview

Milton_Partner_logo2.jpgMilton Security Group partners with industry-leading technology companies to expand our reach to customers worldwide. With our partner program, businesses across all major industries are able to provide cutting edge Adaptive Network Access Control systems and Network Management Software to their customers. You can stand out from your competition and feel confident that your customers will get the very best internal security solutions.

Joining our partner program offers margin opportunities through new and recurring revenues. As a partner, you will enjoy special pricing allowing you to share in the profit of new sales as well as yearly support renewals. We also offer joint marketing materials and promotional opportunities at sponsored events and presentations. Milton Security Group can help you throughout your sales process, from pre-sale questions to post sale support. Our adaptive NAC solutions are flexible and fully customizable; seamlessly integrating into your service offers. This provides the opportunity for increased deal sizes, add-on sales, and bundled packages.

More than NAC, Adaptive NAC

The EdgeWall® System can be customized to fit the needs of each client and work with existing infrastructure. With this solution customers can set policies that fit the security profile and posture that matches their business. From total quarantine of non-compliant devices, to warnings of non-compliance, to gentle reminders to update, an adaptive NAC is set to enforce a security solution based upon the specifications of the company, not some one-size fits all solution. The EdgeWall®’s agentless feature allows new and personal devices to be integrated into the network easily yet securely. Devices do not need to have software pre-loaded before proceeding so you never have to worry if an agent’s software is up to date. This removes the risk of compromise and added network chatter.

How do I join?

To join we will need the following information: the industry you service, and the size of your customer base. Additionally, you will need to attend a web meeting on our product suite as well as a half-day informational session on our process and policies.

If you are interested in joining the Milton Partner Program, please contact the partner relations specialist at 1-888-674-9001 or email Milton at: info@miltonsecurity.com.