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Network Security

80% of security breaches start from an internal source. It's time to start controlling what's on your network! Add an EdgeWall® to your network and strengthen your network.

Endpoint Security

Take control of your USB ports with USBInformer®. Mitigate the risk of threats like BadUSB and unknown devices from infecting your machines. Harden your endpoints without having to use a GPO to disable USB completely.


We believe that everyone has the right to a secure network. For the past nine years, we have engineered products to combat today’s constantly evolving threats. Now we are bringing the talent and experience to you.

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Control USB Port Access

USBInformer® provides USB port security on all your Windows endpoints, giving you granular control over all of your USB ports. USB devices can be used to steal confidential company data, infect your endpoints or hack your enterprise computers and the passwords they may contain.

USBInformer® stops access to any USB device not approved by an administrator including BadUSB infected devices. Central management allows administrators to remotely grant, reject, and monitor usage of new and existing USB devices.